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188° MAKS Rouge Lobélie


188° MAKS Rouge Lobélie

If you like red, you will love this dial color! We resisted the temptation to name it after the obvious pomegranate and went for the much more nuanced lobelia. This powerful dark red dial gives our model 188° MAKS a noble yet dynamic character.

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The Zeitwinkel caliber ZW0102 is our mechanical manufacture movement with automatic winding. Developed by Zeitwinkel especially for its watches, we manufacture it in small-quantity lots in the Swiss Jura with high precision machinery and meticulous horological diligence.

A robust, accurate, and versatile basic movement that can be equipped either with a sweep or a small second, it also has a comparatively large date display as an option. The running time of the movement is 72 hours.

The ZW 0102 caliber has a diameter of 30.4mm, a total of 257 components, a frequency of 28,800 oscillations, a Glucydur balance, and a robust three-quarter plate that plays a significant role in the mechanical stability of the movement. All plates and bridges are made of German silver, chamfered, and hand-decorated. After thorough quality inspection and five-stage calibration, it is installed into the watch housing by our watchmakers and subjected to a running test that lasts several days.


The casing for our “Midsize” models was developed in precise accordance with in-house caliber ZW0102.

It is constructed of 1.4435 steel alloy which has a high resistance to intercrystalline corrosion and non-oxidized acids, so it is particularly suited for products that are in continuous contact with skin.

To attain the characteristic shaping, each watch case is prefabricated using precision machinery. We then complete the construction primarily by hand. In this process, 26 parts are assembled in more than 80 individual steps.

The interplay of polished surfaces with strikingly structured, precisely worked areas provides every Zeitwinkel watch with its distinctive appearance. With a diameter of 39 mm, the casing has an elegant and well-proportioned appearance. It is water resistant up to a tested pressure of five bar.


We use sapphire glass on both the front and back sides of our timepieces. Sapphire is extremely hard and scratch-resistant and ideally suited for use in high-quality timepieces.

The convex lunette crystal has multiple anti-reflection coatings on the inside so that the hands do not reflect on the interior surface and because a coating on the outside of the crystal could wear down. The case large back glass is flat and equipped with an anti-reflection coating on the inside as well.

As a result, the time can always be easily read even under extreme lighting conditions. Both front crystal and back plate glass are tightly inserted into the casing of the watch, using an elaborate sealing system.


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